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Superior Service Provider! I remember the day I first called Arbors Management and spoke with Vivian.  I was in a very difficult situation with 2 mortgage payments and having to decide to open up my home to renters.  Vivian put me at ease and found quality tenants quickly and seamlessly.  She worked with me for 5 years and provided a referral with Janet for a second property that I wanted to rent.  Janet provided similar quality of service and now that property is being serviced by Eric.  These folks are great to work with and their subcontractors provide top notch quality services as well.  I have to honestly state that their service fee is money well spent.  My properties have stayed rented by quality tenants.  One more excellent service that they provide is the summary reports at the end of the year that make interfacing with the accountant a breeze.  They are not only my agents, they have become my friends.  You'll love them too.  Pick up the phone and give them a try.

Dean Cuda - Property Owner

The Arbors Management, Inc Team

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Property Management


 Property Management 

Single Family Homes & Multi-Family Property Management

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Arbors Management has done a good job managing our property while we live in Florida. I plan to remain an Arbors customer.

Eric Citron - Property Owner


Arbors Management Pledge

Arbors Management Pledge

Single Family Homes & Multi-Family Property Management

Single Family Homes & Multi-Family Property Management

Owners Call Us Today (412) 515-8428

"To do what is best to maintain the quality of properties we manage, and to find new and better ways to make the management of that property effective and efficient. In this way we improve the investment for the owners and create a sense of home for the residents."

Tenant Screening

We utilize an extensive tenant-screening process to find the right tenants for your properties. This includes performing credit screenings, criminal screenings, eviction screenings, income reference checks and landlord reference checks.

Maintenance & Repair Coordination

Arbors Management is available 7 days/week to ensure a prompt response to any maintenance and repair request. When maintenance or repair service is required, we will contact the appropriate professional for the job. We even offer flexibility, allowing you to choose the professional you prefer. Proof of liability insurance is required of all vendors, and W/C insurance if needed.

Rent Collection

All rents are typically due on the first day of each month, with a five day grace period. Arbors Management will advise all tenants of our expectations for prompt payment and will file tenant complaints if the rent is not paid before the 7th of the next month.

Property Inspections

Before new tenant occupancy, we inspect the property to verify move-in condition. We generate a move-in report with photos. The same process applies to the move-out phase. During the rental period, we perform periodic interim inspections to verify the condition of the unit.

Christopher Wagner


Trisha Jester

Director of Affordable Housing

The Arbors Management, Inc Team

Reach one of our trusted team members today at (412) 515-8428

Corporate Office Location: 1670 Golden Mile Highway
Monroeville, PA 15146

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Arbors has been in charge of management at one of my properties in Pennsylvania for the last 10 years.  I have been totally satisfied with the services they have provided.  No issues

John Ondos - Property Owner

Arbors Management  has been managing our apartment building for close to 2 1/2 years. They have done a great job of keeping on top of issues and keeping us in the loop. If you need professional rental management, choose Arbors.

Martine Schoenwetter - Property Owner

Professional Property Management Services 

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City Office: 1010 Western Avenue, Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Arbors Management Pledge

The Arbors Management, Inc Team

Single Family Homes & Multi-Family Property Management

Nick Griffith

Associate Director of 

Conventional Housing